WHEN the DNA sequence of the human genome was revealed in 2000, many people expected it to start a revolution. Researchers would be able to discover the genes that caused or influenced diseases. And drug companies would be able to use that knowledge to create better medicines.... Read More →
Lung Cancer Treatment Using Immune System Wins F.D.A. Approval The first immune-based treatment for lung cancer won approval from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday, and it could displace more conventional chemotherapy for certain patients, at least. The drug, Opdivo,... Read More →
Vice President Joe Biden launched a “moonshot” initiative Friday to hasten a cure for cancer, aiming to use his final year in office to break down barriers in the medical world he says are holding back progress on eradicating the dreaded disease. Biden chose Penn... Read More →
According to the Cancer Treatment Center of America, small cell lung cancel often spreads quickly, and accounts for less than 20 percent of lung cancers, whereas no-small cell lung cancer usually grows at a slower rate. About 20% of limited-stage small cell lung cancer patients... Read More →