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Dr. Peter Schleicher Nobel Prize Nomination

Dear Chairman.

Due to my many international contacts I met an extraordinary person in the medical field.
Dr. Peter Schleicher works in Munich as a general practitioner and treats the chronically ill patients
with the greatest success with new immunological methods since 1984. His specialty is applied
immunology, immunotherapy, therefore, performed under control of the immune system. This
immune monitoring provides the highest therapeutic safety.

The special performance by Dr. Peter Schleicher is: He led the first measurements to immune
therapies controlled by FACS 420 (analyzer and sorter) in the world through the introduction of
flow cytometry and laser spectroscopy for practical applications in 1984.
This method allowed the measurement of cell surface structures for the first time.
1984 Prof. Georg Kohler, University of Freiburg, was awarded the Nobel Prize for the description
of cell surface structure. What up to this point was purely scientific and theoretical was now, thanks
to laser spectroscopy, high-value immune diagnostics and therapy in daily practice. What was
scientific theory has since been applied practically.

This was the beginning of the applied immunology in daily practice among immune monitoring.
Because of this, Dr. Peter Schleicher was appointed in 1988 to the World Academy of Art and
Science (WAAS) for the field of immunology.

Another very important merit is in addition to professional publications and presentations, the laity
journalism with about 600 publications in applied immunology.
You can see in his Curriculum vitae a list of publications and the importance of this issue for the
practical medicine whose first pioneer Dr. Schleicher is. The application for appointment to the
WAAS was presented by Prof. Linus Pauling and Prof. Jonas Salk Edward.
Otherwise always highly scientific topics are honored, I find an award for the practical application
of these theoretical results outstanding.

The immunotherapy by immune monitoring with flow cytometry and laser spectroscopy applied
plays a central role in lymphatic diseases in oncology, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy during
and after. And also Immune control during and after immunotherapy for chronic diseases.
In addition, immune monitoring plays a central role in the selection of specific immunotherapies.
With the introduction of laser spectroscopy, the findings of medicine have changed fundamentally
Keywords: flow cytometry, laser spectroscopy, antibodies, applied immunotherapy, immune
monitoring, amateur journalism, technical journalism.
First flow cytometer in the general practice for immune control therapy.
Immune monitoring of chronical diseases by flow cytometrics in the general practice.

With best wishes,
Madame Qiru Mu

Addendum to resume

Legend: Employment of cell nucleus volume analysis since 1976 at the Technical University of
Munich experimentally with Prof. Günther Bluemel, experimental surgery and immunotherapy.
1984 1. flow cytometer in the world for cell monitoring in therapies for the treatment of chronic
diseases (FACS 420 sorters and analyzers, Laser spectroscopic measurement of cell surfaces) as a
general practitioner in a general practice.

Survey of immunological data on the effects of drugs. 1986 Establishment of an immunological specialized laboratory, as one end laboratory for doctors, the possibility of an immune monitoring of conventional therapies.
Publication of a textbook: " immune diagnostics and therapy in practice for doctors."
Introduction of immune-controlled diagnostics and therapy for the treatment of chronic diseases.

So it was possible for the first time to control the effects of:
a) Naturopathy medicine
b) Allopathy
c) immunotherapeutics
Immune controlled special treatment of cancer patients with laser spectroscopy to evaluate
concomitant immunotherapy with nonspecific immunostimulants and antibody therapies in practice.
e.g. in solid tumors (Herceptin, etc.)
in lymphatic diseases (Mabthera, etc.)
Special treatment of inflammatory diseases of immune monitoring in practice as Crohn's disease,
colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, etc. with antibody therapies such as Remicade, Humira, etc.
Development of stem cell therapy for the practice for autologous stem cell therapy after liposuction
and from the blood for use in:
Kardiovaskuuläre disease
Neurological disease
Diabetes mellitus type II
In hip and knee degeneration

1988 Dr. Peter Schleicher was appointed to the WAAS (World Academy of Art and Science) for
the field of immunology. Presenter for the request for appeal:
Prof. Linus Pauling and Prof. Jonas Salk Edward.
His outstanding achievements include the introduction of new scientific
Research in immunology in the daily medical practice
as applied immunology.

Special feature: the introduction of immune-controlled diagnostics and therapy by means of
Flow cytometry and laser spectroscopy (immune monitoring). Laienpublizistische publications of
medical topics of immunology as a medical journalist.
Publication medical professional topics of immunology in the lay press (600 publications).

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