Dr. Dorothy Brueckl

Dr. Dorothy Brueckl is one of the emerging leaders in the use of stem cell therapies in Germany and the wider world. She is currently a partner and Chief Operating Officer of the Schleicher – Brueckl Medical Practice, based in Munich, with her emphasis focusing on fertility treatments.

“I am delighted to be joining the Board of Directors of the Institute for the Advancement of Stem Cell Therapy,” said Dr. Brueckl. “The Institute is at the forefront of exciting new therapies and breakthroughs to treat cancer and other serious diseases,” she added.

Dr. Brueckl is an Adjunct Professor in Neurotherapies, and since 2008, she has applied the latest and most advanced stem cell therapies to treat patients with cancer and other serious maladies.

She began working with Dr. Peter Schleicher in 2006, and they are now partners in their medical practice. Dr. Brueckl earned her Doctor of Medicine degree at the world-renowned Charite University of Medicine in Berlin, at their Institute for Hematology and Transfusion.

Dr. Brueckl speaks German, English, French, Polish and Spanish. She is a certified Yoga instructor, and lives with her husband and two children in Munich.